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The rise of medical tourism ,mainly due to cheaper treatment abroad, has led to a large number of websites offering these services.

Using some of these websites to find a hospital or an specialist is often quite confusing and risky due to the lack of information or credentials of its medical staff.

Medicalcare Spain place great emphasis on quality. All our hospitals have an advance infrastructure and up-to-date technological equipment, some have been recognised with international quality certifications.

All our doctors are highly qualified ,registered and some are leaders on their field. We are happy to invite our future patients to verify all this information independently (with an official body regulator, their GP…)  before taking any decision about their treatment.

Medicalcare Spain is very proud about its customer care service. The patient will be collected at the airport by one of our representative and it will be transferred directly to the medical center. From this moment the patient will receive a personalised serviced.

Medicalcare Spain assures you we will look for the clinic and the specialist best suited to your needs, loking after your health and your safety giving you peace of mind.

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