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Otoplasty. Ear pinning

Otoplasty is a simple surgical intervention that reshapes protruding ears. Thanks to the ear pinning surgery of Medical Care Spain you will improve your self-esteem and you will feel more confident.

This technique seeks to correct the lack of antihelical fold in the cartilage, responsible for the outer ear coming forward and being separated from the head, giving the typical appearance of protruding ears.



ANAESTHESIA: normally local anaesthetic and sedation or general anaesthetic is used.

PREPARATION: it requires a blood test, electrocardiogram and an x-ray.



In consultations prior to the operation, each patient is meticulously analysed in relation to volume, projection, physical constitution and skin quality. To select the size of the implant with precision and establish the ideal dimensions, the required length, height and projection are measured.



HOSPITALISATION: it is outpatient surgery and does not require hospital admission.

SURGERY: the surgery consists in opening the skin on the back of the ear and, through a series of sutures and by weakening the cartilage, shaping it to fold backwards and bring the ear closer to the head.



The patient will wear a padded bandage for 48 hours.  When it is removed, the ears will be slightly swollen which will abate over the following days. The stitches are removed after 7-8 days.  In the meanwhile, the patient can wash his or her hair taking care not to affect the wound.

On occasions there is a reduction in the sensitivity of the ears, which will be totally recovered over time.

It is advisable to perform the surgery from the age of 5-6, when the child is still not aware of the psychological problems that may go with having a “complex” and also when the cartilage is softer and more malleable.  However, it can be performed at any age.



DURATION: around an hour.



Frequently asked questions
What post-operative care must I follow?

During the first few days after surgery, it is advisable to use a light compression bandage at night (cotton and an elastic band) to protect the ears from any impact or sudden moves.