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The Coloproctology Unit is a medical-surgical department that diagnoses and treats problems of the last part of the digestive system.

1. Haemorrhoids and anal fissures and fistulas:

These are very common yet unpleasant conditions. These days they can be treated quickly using minimally aggressive procedures, without the need to stay in hospital. The methods we use to treat haemorrhoids are:


-Cryotherapy (freezing)


-Laser treatmen


-Rubber band ligation


-CO2 laser surgery


-Surgery using LigaSure




2. Anal incontinence and severe constipation:

In most cases it is possible to treat the involuntary passage of stools or flatus through the anus or severe constipation after proper diagnosis.

3. Colorectal polyps and cancer:

One in every twenty people will suffer from an intestinal tumour at some point in their life. Early diagnosis significantly improves the prognosis and chance of a cure, as well as increasing the patient’s quality of life.


4. Inflammatory bowel disease:

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are conditions that affect young patients and have become increasingly common in recent years.


Say goodbye to haemorrhoids and fissures… painlessly!

Introducing Hemobye, a unique non-invasive solution for the treatment of haemorrhoids, anal fissures and anal itching.


The new technology developed by Hemobye is digital, and consists of a modulation of Radio-Frequency currents in a specific bandwidth at high voltage and low intensity.


This current creates beneficial effects on the body, such as: decongesting, deconstructìng, sterilizing, anaesthetising effects and soothing nerve tissues. It is an effective alternative to surgery and is specifically designed to treat haemorrhoids, fissures, pruritis or itching.



Treats all chronic and acute and even bleeding haemorrhoids in all stages. The results are noticeable from the first application.


Anal fissure

Traditional or chemical treatments for anal fissure are excessively slow and ineffective. The healing and cauterizing power of this treatment is so efficient that only three or four applications are required.

Relieves the pain of anal fissure from the first application. Ideal for treating chronic and post-operative fissures.


Anal pruritis or itching

The soothing effects of this treatment quickly eliminate unpleasant itching.



Hemobye advanced radiofrequency treatment is an effective alternative that should be used before surgery, which offers the following benefits:


-It is a fast, effective, safe technique with no side effects


-There is no need to be treated in an operating theatre.


-The results are noticeable from the first sessions.


-Very long-lasting effects that prevent reoccurrence of the condition.


-There is no need for an anaesthetic, it leaves no scars and is painless.


-It is suitable for breast-feeding mothers suffering from painful haemorrhoids and patients who are not candidates for surgery because of their physical condition or age.


How it works

Hemobye uses one or two types of applicator, one for the treatment phase and an adhesive electrode. This applicator transmits waves, which are attenuated by the body tissue and attack all ano-recto conditions located in the periphery of the rectum.


It is painless and there is no need for anaesthetic. An average of four to six applications are required, each lasting from 20/40 minutes at most. Two applications can be given on the same day with a break of a couple of hours between them.


In the case of haemorrhoids, these currents produce micro-vibrations at the application point, healing and decongesting the vein, closing broken and bleeding veins and forming scars, which has two immediate effects. It micro-massages the inflamed vein (acts on the smooth muscle)

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