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Breast augmentation with fat (LEC – lipotransference cell enriched)

Breast augmentation with fat and stem cells .



Many women dream NATURAL breast augmentation . Breast augmentation with fat stem cell enriched OWN : lipotransference enriched cells ( LEC ) is a technique without scars , often without general anesthesia , silicone or negative effects on the breast . Recovery is much smoother , almost minimal , compared to the intervention of implants.



NATURAL augmentation  can be achieved which can range from 1-2 sizes.




Stem and regenerative cells are concentrated and extracted from a portion of autologous adipose tissue ( itself ) by a very sophisticated technologically , in a laboratory in the operating room . These cells are added to the other part of the fat removed by liposuction . Best result is obtained with this procedure , with long-term persistence , keeping the bulk of the volume , and it usually only requires intervention .

FIRST STEP : Liposuction

Liposuction is performed by special technique. The advantage then achieved is that addition and simultaneously an improved silhouette. !

SECOND STEP : stem cell enrichment of own fat

With sophisticated equipment (using technology GID Group) stem cells extracted from a portion of the fat obtained by liposuction. The entire process takes place within the operating room, the patient’s side .

THIRD STEP : Implementation in the chest

Stem cells with purified fat are reintegrated into the breasts. This combination and enrichment of fat and regenerative stem cell is the only way to get a stable and durable result . Stem cells will become new adipose cells and regenerative cells bed and create the best environment for the survival of the grafted fat .