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A professional, experienced team performing the most advanced treatments in plastic surgery within a hospital setting.

Have your plastic surgery abroad and get the figure and the appearance you always want. Our medical expert team is specialized in tummy tuck, liposuction, breast enlargement, facelift, etc. Medical Care Spain will make you feel at home.


Plastic Surgery generally treats healthy patients whose aim is to improve a better aesthetic appearance. It is performed to correct normal body structures and intended to enhance the attractiveness of the patient and bust its self-esteem.In recent years there has been a tremendous demand in cosmetic surgery treatments that has generated a large infrastructure of providers worldwide. This boom has helped the development of a medical tourism network,  largely based on savings available for these treatments abroad.


Unfortunately this boom has brought us a number of clinics and specialists with little or no training at all using the web to advertise their services.


Most of us, have heard reports in the press and media, about patients who have had terrible experiences, some with irreversible effects, after undergoing plastic surgery in clinics advertised in the Internet or newspapers.


Why choose Medicalcare Spain?

Medicalcare Spain is different from the rest because it has a team of experienced, professional doctors performing the most advanced treatments in cosmetic medicine and surgery within a hospital setting.


A very advance and complete hospital with an international quality certificate, ICU, 7 operating theaters and about 20 medical specialties.


A place where, in the unlikely event you suffer any complications or require emergency care, you know your safety is guaranteed.


Medilcare Spain invites all its customers to check out our doctors  CVs and their registration in the SECPRE (Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic)


Alicante is connected by air to all major European airports.


Alicante is also connected by air with all major UK and Irish airports. This together with the short duration of the trip and the wonderful climate of this city makes Alicante the ideal destination for your treatment.


Before engaging the services of a clinic not forget to ask questions like: do you have a certificate of international quality?, Do you have ICU?, Do you have other specialties?, Do your surgeons belong to a recognized body?, How many operations does your doctor perform? or any other questions you think are important  to help you decide going ahead  with your treatment.


Compare Medicalcare Spain with other providers,  we are confident that it will be hard to find the quality of service and competitive prices we offer.

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