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Ozone therapy is the latest and most effective basic alternative treatment for numerous specific diseases. It is an entirely natural therapy with no contradictions and it gives excellent results right from the beginning. Ozone activates the circulation of the blood, providing oxygen, detoxifying the liver, reducing cholesterol and uric acid levels, and eliminating solid components from the blood.


Ozone is a gas with a molecule that consists of three oxygen atoms. Ozone (O3) is formed by the combination of an Oxygen molecular (O2) and an Oxygen atom (O). Ozone filters the sun’s ultraviolet rays, therefore serving as a protector that helps to maintain the biological balance in the biosphere.



Ozone was discovered by the German doctor Christian F. Schonbein in 1840 and has been used in medicine since 1857. This form of treatment is very common in central Europe, but it is particularly widely practised in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. In Cuba it is used as a first-choice treatment for many conditions.


Dr Enrique Albors develops ozone therapies in Alicante with excellent results.


Diseases in which OZONE can be applied

There are many diseases and conditions in which ozone therapy sessions can be used alongside traditional treatments.

Ozone therapy has been successfully applied in the treatment of a variety of disorders:


– Slipped disc


– Sports injuries


– Arthrosis


– Rheumatic diseases


– Tiredness and chronic fatigue syndrome


– Fibromyalgia


– Headaches


– Vascular disease of the lower limbs


– Varicose veins


– Diabetic ulcers in lower limbs


– Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease


– Hepatitis B and C


– Herpes infections


– Old age


– Parkinson’s disease


– Anti-aging


– As an adjuvant in patients undergoing treatment with chemotherapy, to help minimise the side effects


Sessions and OZONE treatment

Ozone therapy is administered in courses of ten to twenty sessions. They must be repeated at a certain interval, which will depend on the disease being treated and the way in which the ozone is applied.


Hospital Internacional Medimar

Located in the province of Alicante in the Valencia Region, Hospital Internacional Medimar is known for its professionalism and commitment to its patients. Medimar has a staff of prestigious specialists.

The Ozone Therapy Unit is attached to Hospital Internacional Medimar, with access to all the hospital’s services and benefits.


Dr. Enrique Albors

Doctor Enrique Albors is the Head of the Ozone Therapy Unit and the team of healthcare professionals that comprises it. Dr Albors, specialist in Orthopaedics and back disorders who has spent many years developing complementary ozone therapy treatments with successful results in patients suffering from different conditions at Hospital Internacional Medimar.

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