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A Patient’s Testimony

0 October 30, 2015

Today we want to share with you this testimony of the wife of a patient with a stroke who contacted us urgently to find a possible solution to a diagnosis totally unknown to her. John Weatherall’s wife was extremely concerned since, for some time, she felt that something did not “work” well enough on the health of her husband. She was not sure what could be happening, but certain signs made her fear that John was sick. We received her call on a Thursday afternoon, and as the patient’s situation seemed very urgent, we decided to contact a Neurology Unit quickly. So, we got an appointment for Friday morning. Any extra time could be crucial. Taking into account the symptoms he showed, the most logical was to perform an urgent magnetic resonance urgency, to reveal what was making him ill slowly. Quickly, due to the urgency, we received the results: it was a stroke! After all the stress and urgency, the result was even more striking. However, the fact of having an urgent consultation with the neurologist has allowed detecting John a complaint faster. Otherwise, it could have turned into something more serious. Our goal is to offer our patients the possibility of a rapid contact with the proper medical professional, always with a customized and personalized treatment. Cases like that of John encourage us to continue working hard. The whole team wishes you to have a s

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0 July 17, 2015

If you are looking for specialists in hip replacement surgery, Medical Care Spain can help you. Medical Care Spain is different from the other health solutions, because it has a team of experienced, professional doctors performing the most advanced treatments and surgery within a hospital setting.  

When to Consider Hip Replacement?

Hip replacement surgery is ideal for patients who suffer from this joint pain daily, to affect their normal activities. Although medicine, physical therapy, and osteotomic surgery are all options worth considering before committing to full hip replacement, this surgery has improved the quality of life of hundreds of foreign patients who decided to get to know us. Arthritis damage is the most common reason to need hip replacement. The majority of hip replacement patients who visit us daily have an average of 60 years old and they need a medical service that guarantees confidence and care. For this reason, it is very important to have a professional medical team and bilingual staff who offer personal and specialized treatment to patients.  

What are the advantages of Hip Replacement Surgery with Medical Care Spain?

Alicante is ideal to enjoy of tranquillity and relaxation. For this reason, our medical tourism destination is the favorite of hundreds of patients who com

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