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The hospital International Vithas Medimar and the hospital International Vithas Perpetuo, are provided with the most advanced and effective technology in its Department of Cardiology.


1. Haemodynamics and clinical cardiology


This subspecialty of the cardiology devotes itself both to the diagnosis of cardiovascular pathologies and to its treatment. In the field of haemodynamics the diagnosis of the arteries is realized by means of catheters (thin pipes) and other devices without need to resort to the surgery. Also it is possible to realize a study and treatment of the disorders of the cardiac rhythm.


2. Electrophysiology


The electrophysiological study is a procedure that serves to study the cardiac arrhythmias. To realize this type of study several catheters are placed in different parts of the heart that transport the electrical sign that they receive.


With this information the specialist will determine the type of arrhythmia, both its origin and its spread. The duration of the study changes from 1 until 5 hours. During this time the patient remains sedated by local anesthesia.


3. Cardiac surgery




An aneurisma supposes the dilation of an artery. The aortic aneurismas can take place in the area of the breast (aneurisma thoracic) or in the abdomen (aneurisma abdominal). The aneurisma takes place when the pressure of the blood that happens for a section of a flagging artery pushes the wall of the glass outside and forms a species of blister that can break and to provoke a mortal hemorrhage.


The repair of aortic aneurismas consists of replacing the flagging section of the glass with a pipe of synthetic material. The surgery is realized under general and hard anesthesia approximately between 3 and 4 hours. After the surgery they will be necessary from 1 until 2 days in the intensive care unit.


Coronary Bypass or surgery of revasculización


The coronary bypass allows a progress in the blood flow when the arteries are obstructed by an accumulation of badges of fat. For it there is created a new route, call or derivation about a section congested or damaged of the coronary artery.


This intervention is realized under general and hard anesthesia between 3 and 4 hours. After the operation approximately a week of hospitalization is needed.


Repair or replacement valvular


The repair or replacement valvular are carried out in case of a pathology valvular, well in an estenosis, an insufficiency or regurgitation. The repair valvular has demonstrated to be effective in the treatment of congenital defects in the valves tricúspide and mitral.


This surgery is realized under general anesthesia and has a duration of between 3 and 4 hours. The stay in the hospital is of approximately one week. Later, a plan of cardiac rehabilitation begins.

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