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0 October 30, 2015

Today we want to share with you this testimony of the wife of a patient with a stroke who contacted us urgently to find a possible solution to a diagnosis totally unknown to her. John Weatherall’s wife was extremely concerned since, for some time, she felt that something did not “work” well enough on the health of her husband. She

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0 September 30, 2015

Finding a real, personalized health care service and specialist on health tourism in Alicante can become a difficult task. We must take into account the large number of results that we can find on the Internet or in any search we perform. Listings of offers and promotions can be so intrusive that we can miss the qu

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0 September 18, 2015

Plastic surgery is one of the sectors in which health tourism is more interested about. Thousands of patients travel around the world to get the best surgery from the best professional surgeons; and to obtain the best results at an affordable price. However, it is quite frequent the trip becomes a complicated matte

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0 July 17, 2015

If you are looking for specialists in hip replacement surgery, Medical Care Spain can help you. Medical Care Spain is different from the other health solutions, because it has a team of experienced, professional doctors performing the most advanced treatments and surgery within a hospital setting.  

When to Consider Hip R

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0 May 4, 2015

Medical tourism in Spain has increased its demand in recent years. Health tourism will double its offer in Spain over the next five years, and expected to exceed 500 million euros at present, to 1,000 million in the year 2020. Would you like to learn 5 tips to ensure the maximum guarantee on your medical trip to Spain? Go!  

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0 March 29, 2015

We share with you our new site, more treatments and services.

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