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A total healthcare service run by a highly qualified and experienced professional team.

Medical Care Spain is a comprehensive healthcare service run by a highly qualified and experienced professional team that helps patients to find and organise the exact medical treatment they need , reducing costs and often getting the same if not better treatment abroad than you could at home, in a comfortable environment and the beautiful surrounding of the Alicante coast.


We work directly with our providers giving you support and assistance all throughout your treatment.


We offer a full range of medical services by a team of multilingual qualified doctors, giving our patients the peace of mind of knowing they are in the best hands.


All our services providers are top-level Spanish private hospitals and institutions equipped with the most advanced technology. Their quality and services are guaranteed by the most rigorous international certification standards.


We also offer a wide range of additional services to ensure that you have a pleasant experience while abroad

Why Medicalcare Spain?

Medicalcare Spain is different from the rest because it has a team of experienced, professional doctors performing the most advanced treatments and surgery within a hospital setting.


A hospital with an international quality certificate, ICU, 7 operating theatres and all medical specialties. A place where, in the unlikely event you suffer any complications or require emergency care, you know your safety is guaranteed.


Alicante is connected by air to all major European airports.


Alicante is also connected to all major UK and Irish airports. This together with the short duration of the trip and the wonderful climate of this city, makes Alicante the ideal destination for your treatment.


Medicalcare Spain provides an excellent level of customer service to all our customers. We have a multilingual customer service team with medical knowledge, that will help you with anything you need from the moment you make your first call.




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